“Do More” // a dream

the following are remnants of a dream I had earlier this year…

Every now and then, I find myself at the feet of The Cross. At such a time, I’m reminded of how small I am in the grand scheme of things. My place in the universe barely even registers as a blip on the screen. Thinking about then vastness of the universe and all that it encompasses, I am nothing.

Yet, at the feet of The Cross, I am also reminded of how important I am, so much so, that God the Father sent His Son to pay the debt on a bill that I ran up, and ran up recklessly – a debt that was totally mine. He paid that debt to give me the freedom, not just to live and to love, but to also choose to either accept Him fully or reject Him completely.

Who does that? Who pays your debt knowing full well that there’s a chance you won’t even blink at such a sacrifice, go about your way, and just start up another tab? Who assesses such a risk and is still willing to provide eternal life insurance and the assurance that He’s good for it?

At such a time, when I examine the sum of my life and the totality of His sacrifice, I am ashamed and guilt ridden but also reminded that His blood, His sacrifice was enough. He was, and still is, good for it. At such a time, I shrug my shoulders, stretch out my hands and, all I can say is, “What do you want me to do, man? What do you want me to do?”

He looks down at me and responds, “You are for more important that you realize and I am far more powerful that you give me credit for. I am able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you could ever ask for or think. Alone, you can do nothing. With me, all things are possible. Give me your yoke, and I’ll let you take mine. I carry heavy, so that you can carry light. Then, simply do more with the time that you have. Do not let your unbelief betray you. Trust that I can and will take care of the rest.”