Top Articles – January ’18

“Read, read, read.” – William Faulkner


Money“Anybody Can Make It In America”
by Steve Almond – Globe Magazine

“Let’s face facts: The Founding Fathers wanted liberty, but they weren’t so interested in economic equality.”


Regulating Reggae

“Can a City Famous for Its Sound Quiet Down?”
by Gregory Scruggs Next City

“A crackdown on public music events is forcing Kingston, Jamaica, to rethink how the world-famous music city regulates noise.”


NIMBY“How ‘Not In My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’”
by Emily Badger – The New York Times

“The expectation that homeowners should be able to reach beyond their property lines has become deeply embedded.”


Jaylen Brown

“Sport Is A Mechanism Of Control In America”
by Donald McRae – The Guardian

“Just because I’m the outlier in my neighborhood – [the one] who managed to avoid the barriers set up to keep the privileged in privilege, and the poor still poor – why should I forget about the people who didn’t have the same chance as me?”

Recy Taylor

“The Rape of Recy Taylor”
by Soraya Nadia McDonald – The Undefeated

“Just as Black Men were lynched, Black Women faced systemic sexual violence under Jim Crow.”