Voices of the Silenced

Music speaks to us on a deeply personal and spiritual level. Music captures the essence of our humanity, the beautiful struggle, and shares it in an art form that can be appreciated by people from all walks of life. The “Voices of the Silenced” playlists are the result of a desire of mine to pull together stories that speak to the experiences of marginalized peoples – the forgotten ones. These playlists are not only meant to uplift and inspire, but to create an opportunity to reflect on the real stories and real experiences of real people. (NSFW Disclaimer: Music contains explicit and potentially triggering lyrics and content.)

01d682e8-e3bc-4b6f-b17f-9a2074979c72Voices of the Silenced, Vol. 3
Volume 3 speaks on systemic oppression and injustices, substance abuse, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ pride. There’s a concerted effort to influence and control the perception and perspective of reality of the populace. It’s not just. It’s not fair. What is the long-term effect of too much unchecked, unchallenged information? What is true? What is false? Where do we go from here? Once again, the resiliency of oppressed peoples shines the brightest in the most dire of circumstances, and their stories remind us of the need to always pursue justice and equality. Where injustices end, forever begins.
(Volume 3 is also available on Spotify.)

img_5229Voices of the Silenced, Vol. 2
Volume 2 focuses the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in impoverished communities, Black Pride, and feminism. Nobody worries or cares about the communities of marginalized peoples and the only time they make the news is when they are in shambles or on fire. There’s a disconnect between the so-called “American Dream” and the day-to-day realities of many neighborhoods. In many cases, these communities are a trap but, as Volume 1 touched on, the people are resilient – proud, loyal, hardworking, creative. Women, especially Black Women, are the glue that holds many families and communities together, and the engine that keeps them running when they should fall apart. Through it all, we gon’ be aight.
(Volume 2 is also available on Spotify.)

volume oneVoices of the Silenced, Vol. I
Volume 1
covers a variety of topics ranging from systemic racism/oppression, to political activism, to gentrification, to prostitution/sex trafficking, to youth and adolescent violence and empowerment, and physical/mental health. We start by taking a look at the state of the world and the systems – physical, political, psychological – that oppress the lives of the marginalized. We move on to every day life in the communities of the marginalized and the individuals struggles that many face including mental and behavioral health, and an overall sense of self that can be difficult to find in such traumatic conditions. Finally, we end on a positive note, with a focus on the resiliency of marginalized people. Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds and insurmountable obstacles, we are still standing.
(Volume 1 is also available on Spotify.)